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New Nigerian rental scam! When you read the email from the alleged landlord it does not even sound reasonable, never mind the $1,000.00 per/month rent fee in Honolulu Hawaii.

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Did you Know?

Landlord & Tenant Fraud is a multimillion dollar a year Industry in North America alone, and it is increasing at a phenomenal rate each year. Educating yourself about fraud scams can change the odds: don't be a Fraud Victim!

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Tenants and Landlords can benefit from this site. has been designed by Fraud Consultants as an informational site to help landlords and tenants in the Residential & Commercial Rental Arena. Rental Fraud is easy to perpetrate, no consequences and little to no criminal investigation.

Organized Crime is taking advantage of this through classified ads on craigslist and every other newspaper in the North America. Landlords & Tenants in the Residential & Commercial Rental Industry are being targeted thousands of times a day… and the success rate for these fraudsters is high.

All too often tenants are overlooked in the fraud prevention scenario.There are a lot of tenant screening companies online, but no landlord screening companies. Tenants also need to be vigilante with respect to becoming a fraud victim because of an unsavory landlord, particularly in these tough economic times.

Our Commitment with Landlords

We have attempted to add value to this website as much for tenants as we have for landlords. as noted above talks about the need for landlords & tenants to respect each other and to know their rights & responsibilities.

Collect Tenant Debts

TVS has forged an alliance with Fidelity Information Corporation that will transform your tenant debts into cash in your bank account.

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